Welcome to Artisan’s Aromas

Hand-poured soy candles and melts

Welcome to Artisan’s Aromas

Hand-poured soy candles and melts
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Soy candles are better for the planet, your loved ones, and especially people with allergies.

There are no toxins or chemicals released while burning soy candles. And they don’t produce petrol-carbon soot like you find in many paraffin candles.

Enjoy your candles even longer. Soy candles can burn up to 50% longer than your typical paraffin candle.

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Donna Kroll

I started making candles for my mom and it turned into a passion. I love every step of this process. Taking the time to learn about the origin, benefits, and production of the soy wax; I believe it is the best wax product to use. I find it amazing that soybeans that are so small can be used to make so many different products. To be able to create something so pure is one of the reason I was drawn to the candle making world.

Through research and several tester candles that my mom was eager to try, I was able to achieve that even burn, no-soot producing, slow fragrance releasing candle.

Today I’m not just making candles, I’m creating a thoughtful handmade gift, supporting farmers and their families, and protecting the environment by using Eco-friendly products, every step of the way.